11 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

After much thought I decided, I would write about what I was struggling with, how to come up with ideas. How to spark creativity. How to struggle through “writers block.” Writers block isn’t an easy thing to deal with, and it sucks not having an idea come naturally to you. But this is all part…

2020 Year End Review

In every book I read this year I learned something. Every author has the ability to present information in a new way to their audience. And every time you learn something a different way you learn something new.

2021 Preview

What I’m doing this week is a preview of The 52 Book Challenge for 2021. There are some big things I am looking to accomplish with my blog. Keep subscribing, so you can be a part of them!

Happy Holidays!!

No post this week because of Christmas holidays. But take time to appreciate all the people in your life you love. Enjoy the time off you have with them. Connect with the people you don’t have close to you. Whether it’s through video chats, phone calls, or texts. Show the people in your life that…

Public Speaking is a Performance Art

I had a thought pop in my head recently about public speaking. When you are giving a speech or presentation you have to become someone else. You have to give a performance. No one acts the same in general conservation and when they give a presentation. There is a difference! You have to be genuine…

The Concept of Compound Interest

I don’t think compound interest just applies to your finances. I think it applies to all aspects of life from knowledge to health. In this article I will be exploring this. I think understanding compound interest is one of the keys to life.

The Art of Journaling

When I started journaling, I thought it was childish and something you only do in elementary school. After spending months with my journal exploring my inner self. I have noticed some major benefits.

Five Ways to Control Envy

The first step to controlling envy is to understand what envy is. And envy is just another form of fear. When you envy another person’s accomplishments or possessions. It’s your minds way of adapting to the fear you have of not obtaining your desires and wants. You envy a person with the career you want…

Let’s Talk About Determination

There are times in life when our determination is tested. When everything seems like it is no longer worth the struggle. When it would be easier to quit then continue on. Success comes from a place of determination or as Angela Duckworth calls it “grit.” The ability to continue on and persevere even when it…

A Guide to Common Sense

From a quick google search common-sense is defined as “good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.” This definition sums up common-sense fairly well. But I look at common sense as the ability to make fewer mistakes and make better decisions.


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