6 Lessons Learned from The 5AM Club (Part 1)

I recently read, The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma. It’s a fictional book about a billionaire that takes on two students and teaches him the ways of “The 5 AM Club.” The premise of this book is own your morning, own your life. I really enjoyed this book, and I learned a lot from it. The way Sharma presents information keeps you engaged and encourages you to keep reading so you can learn the lessons the billionaire is teaching his students. Here are some of the lessons I learned from, The 5 AM Club.

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover – When the students first meet the billionaire, they think he is homeless, and they judge him by his appearance. Actually, he is practicing a stoic philosophy principle of dressing down, ensuring his modesty and humanity remain in check. When the billionaire offers to teach the students his ways, they are very skeptical and think the guy is crazy. After talking to the billionaire, they decide to take him up on his offer, but they are still skeptical. This is until they are picked up the next morning in a limo and brought to a private jet.

2. Own your morning. Elevate your life – Everyone is trying to achieve the flow state in life, where we are just completing a task and not thinking. This is a goal whether you are an athlete, musician, or construction worker. To be fully emerged in a task without distraction or wandering thoughts is very rare. One argument Sharma makes in The 5 AM Club is it’s easier to get your mind to the flow state if you rise early in the morning and dedicate one hour to yourself. Since I’ve read this book, I’ve been experimenting with this, I’ve been doing early morning work outs and I find they have benefited my life. When you wake up early and exercise right away, I find it forces your mind out of the groggy state. Another benefit is when you exercise it entices you to drink water in the morning. Most of us drink coffee when we wake up which doesn’t benefit our dehydrated bodies. I find by working out early in the morning it forces me to drink water and pushes my mind to a different place. I also plan for five to ten minutes of meditation after my work out to and calm my mind. I have been experimented with meditation for over a year and I have found it benefits my concentration. In a study completed by Gaella Desbordes a neuroscientist at Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, where MRIs are completed on people brains before and after they learn to mediate. The study showed changes in the brain specifically in the amygdala after learning to meditation.

3. Do the 5% other are unwilling to do – This comes from Sharma’s rules for, “The 5 AM Club” and specifically is rule 4. Sharma states, “To have the results The Top 5% of producers have, you must start doing what 95% of people are unwilling to do. As you start to live like this, the majority will call you crazy. Remember that being labeled a freak is the price of greatness.” This is a simple concept but one of my favorites for, “The 5AM Club.” To achieve extreme success, you have to be willing to do the things other people are unwilling to do. My father explained this to me in a different way. He told me that you have to be the best. Whatever you decide to do in life, you have to be the best. Being the best is extremely hard and this something that you may never achieve but it is something to strive for. What will you do that separates you from the average? Will you read hundreds of books? Will you practice your craft for 8 hours a day? Will you push to be a pioneer in a new industry? These are all things that are hard but the 5% who are willing to do it will become those extreme successes you hear about.

4. The 3-step success formula – You have to look up the diagram on google to see the exact way Sharma presents this two his readers. Although there is a very basic explanation for this formula, and it is as follows:

Better Awareness = Better Choices = Better Results

To sum this up, the more you learn and the better understanding you have of the world, therefore creates better choices. When you make better choices, you obtain better results. Sharma sums it up in a very eloquent way;

“The beginning of transformation is the increase of perception. As you see more you can materialize more. And once you know better you can achieve bigger. The great women and men of the world – the ones responsible for the magical symphonies, the beautiful movements, the advancements of science and the progress of technology – started by reengineering their thinking and reinventing their awareness. In so doing, they entered a secret universe that the majority could not perceive. And this, in turn, allowed them to make daily choices few choose to make. Which, automatically delivered daily results few get to experience.”

These are some beautiful word by Robin Sharma.

5. The values of heroic habit makers – Sharma states three values of Heroic Habit Makers it would be a shame not to list them. They are as follows:

  1. Value demands consistency and persistency.
  2. Following through on what is started determines the size of the personal respect that will be generated.
  3. The way you practice in private is precisely the way you’ll perform once you’re in public.

I love all these values but the number one and three identifies with me the most. You need to be consistent and persistent in your everyday life to succeed. This isn’t to say you don’t deserve a vacation or to have fun. Although when you are looking to get things done and work toward achieving your goals this is when you need to be consistent. Also, how you do things when no one is watching is the way you perform things when people are. The old saying here is perfect practice makes perfect. When an expert musician is practicing his craft at home, he does it the exact way he would if he were playing for a roomful of people. The idea that you preform differently in front of people than at home by yourself is fiction. The only way you put together your perfect performance in public is to do it perfectly in private!

6. The 66-day minimum – Sharma has the concept, if you do something for 66 days it then becomes a habit. I think this concept is great, and Sharma’s diagram for, “The Habit Installation Protocol” can be found on page 181 of The 5 AM Club. Sharma breaks the concept up into three stages. The first 22 days being the construction period. The second 22 days being the installation period and the final 22 days being the integration period. It’s a pretty simple concept and one that I truly believe in. The more you consistently do something in your life, the more it becomes part of your daily activities. I don’t think the 66-day mark is the magic number for everyone, some people may have to do it for longer to make it part of their lives. Although it is a good mark to shoot for. Sharma describes forming a habit as “The Automatic Point” because habit-forming takes around nine weeks to develop.

One of the hardest things in our lives is to do something consistently. It’s hard to exercise five times a week. It’s hard to get up early every day. It’s hard to practice your craft every day. It’s hard to develop habits that lead to success in your life. So much of our lives is based around convenience and its very simple to do the easy thing. I think what Sharma is saying is if we develop healthy habits, then it will lead to success in other aspects of our lives.

I’ve noticed a habit forming when it comes to writing in my life. I’ve gotten into the habit of getting up early and exercising in the morning. After this I mediate and then I sit down at my laptop and write for an hour. I’ve had this blog active for over a month and I’ve noticed how easy it is to get up and go through my morning routine. This book instilled morning habits into me even more.

I’ve made this blog post a two-part post to keep down on length. I have a lot to say about The 5 AM Club, and I feel the information is informative. Most people can give you general tips on how to improve you live and achieve the success you desire. Although not everyone can give you a blueprint to live by. Sharma does this in The 5 AM Club, and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for motivation about owning you morning and your life. Check back next week for part two of lessons learned from The 5 AM Club. If you are interested in hearing more from me subscribe to this blog or check me out on Instagram @the_52_book_challenge.

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